Lever lock

Exterior fitted stable lever locks ensure optimum device leaks, easy operational, completely smooth on the inside and no cold bridges between the inner and outer shell. Pressure-side doors with overpressure - safety device

Toggle fastener

The removable casing walls (e.g. filter inspection cover) are equipped with toggle locks for user-friendly operation

Profiled rubber seal

We use a self-locking sealing profile, which guarantees a good tight seal.

Material properties:
Closed porous, silicone-free, resistant to disinfectants and aging (tested according to VDI 6022)


The adjustable hinges enables a simple and effective adjustment of the control door in the height and width

Sight glass-window

Air density windows with double glazing can be used in each of the device parts.

Weather resistant roof/ equipment roofs

For outdoor installations, the device receives an all-round overlapping roof with drip edge to prevent back flow of water. Depending on requirements, the external weather proof grid, the intake and exit discharge hoods can be mounted.

Pressure relief damper

The pressure relief dampers have frames and blades made of galvanized sheet steel, aluminum or stainless steel. With and without seals, airtight according to DIN 1946 T4, damper actuator 24V or 230V, overpressure damper flaps.

Flexible connection

Flexible connections for sound attenuation and expansion compensation to fans

Band material:
PVC, silicone, and fiberglass

Insulating connections for sound attenuation and hygiene with TÜV test

Noise equipotential bonding

All flexible connectors and insulating connectors have a factory noise equipotential bonding mounted.

Base frame

Folded galvanized sheet steel, at any height needed, frame welded from galvanized steel profile. All versions can also be supplied with adjustable mounted feet.

Ball siphon

With inlaid float ball as a check valve, screw cap for revision purposes made of polypropylene (PP), also for low heights available.

Safety door grid

For all fan doors with lever closures a swing-out hinged safety door grid is fitted to prevent accidental contact.


We use ventilators of different types:

- Centrifugal fan with belt drive
- Centrifugal fan with direct drive and a dual inlet
- Continuously operating wheel with direct drive


We use three-phase asynchronous motors with one, two and three speeds

On request:
- Energy-saving motors EFF1
- AC motors

Clamping device for belt driven motor / flat belt driven motor

The tension of the belt is via snowmobile or motor slide rails depending on the engine size. on request flat belts can also be used.

Base frames for motors and fans

Motor and fan are mounted together on a welded, galvanized frame and rubber buffer or spring dampers decoupled (depending on size) structure-borne noise.

Filtration media

Bag filter, cartridge filter (panel filter), activated carbon filters, and filter mat with cardboard or metal frame (tested according to VDI 6022).

Filter housing frame

With the universal holding - filter frame, the filter is clipped by spring snap closure. Therefore, the filter can be changed without tools. To reduce the total length of the unit, we can offer a pull-out variant. (Tested according to VDI 6022).

Sound attenuators

Easy maintenance due to high mechanical loading capacity, either fixed or extendable for cleaning, splitters with fiberglass cover, splitters with perforated cover, splitters with foil cover, all splitters with low profiled flow (tested according to VDI 6022).

Interior lighting

All equipment components can be equipped with internal lighting. We install everything from simple basket lamps to the explosion-resistant fluorescent lamps - depending on requirements.


Air heater for hot water pumps, pipes and collectors made of copper, blades made of corrosion-resistant aluminum, frames made of galvanized sheet steel, or made of stainless steel. For air heaters for temperatures above 100 ° C, are collector pipes and blades made of galvanized steel. All heat exchangers are extendable. Other versions with frost protection thermostat.

Electric heaters

Electrical heating coils heat the air. The embodiment is generally in several stages; the individual heating stages can be turned off or on as required.

Cooling coil and drop separator

Air cooler for cold pump water, air cooler for direct evaporator, pipes and collectors made of copper, blades made of corrosion-resistant aluminum, frames made of galvanized sheet steel or of stainless steel, heat exchangers and drop separators are extendable in a stainless steel tank inclined on all sides, thus a complete draining of the tank is guaranteed. To avoid the formation of condensation, the flow and return flow of the coolers are separated.

Heat recovery

Plate heat exchanger:
The plate heat exchanger is easy to clean with its large access doors, further it has an inclined tank on all sides to the end, guaranteeing complete drainage of the tank. (also available according to VDI 6022)

Rotary heat exchangers

Circulating system
(also available according to VDI 6022)

Sound attenuators

Ventilation sound attenuators are supplied as pipe sound attenuators for round cable cross-sections and splitter attenuators for rectangular wire cross-sections.

Pipe sound attenuators:
Consists of a perforated inner tube covered with sound-absorbing insulation, non-combustible according to DIN 4102, covered with fleece, mounted in an outer protective tube.

Splitters sound attenuators:
Stable canal housing built in splitters with glass fiber, combined absorption and resonance sound attenuators of dual chamber design for ventilation systems, non-combustible according to DIN 4102, splitters with fiberglass cover, splitters with perforated cover, and splitters with foil cover. All splitters with low flow profile (tested according to VDI 6022).

Different versions:
According to customer requirements. If settings for volume flow, minimum attenuation or dimensions, the sound attenuators are factory-made.

Suction system/Telescope

Filter Extraction e.g.: smoke, odors, vapors and dusts ensure healthy air. The filter of the suction unit is adapted to meet your individual requirements. In this way you will receive the suitable suction unit for detailed-or volume suction for dust, smoke, oil mist, or gas. Our extensive range includes suction unit facilities and telescopes for welding fume extraction.

Poppet valve

This easy-to-install ventilation valves are an affordable solution for small spaces, in which only small amounts of air is to be circulated.

Roof frame

Roof frame are needed for secure attachment of hoods for HVAC systems to the building. They are intended for mounting on flat roofs and sloping roof designs at up to 45 ° roof pitch. For the design and configuration of the components, the snow load zones (heights) and the wind loads of the respective application area are taken into account. 

Roof frame are generally made of welded construction and can therefore absorb engine loads and wind loads and can be transferred to the roof structure. The fastening of the roof base to the roof structure is done via a circumferentially arranged pick up joke. The welded construction guarantees at the same time a proper water tight sealing of the roof base. Possible opening of roof structure so that air is easily carried out from the inner sides. 

In addition, roof frames are also available in sound and heat insulated designs.

Welded ventilation ducts

Welded Ventilation ducts and duct fittings for applications in Industrial ventilation and down pipes for conveying systems.

Different versions:
Ventilation ducts and fittings with protective gas welded St 12.03, RAL 7032nd other versions on request. Ventilation ducts to DIN 24 190

Welding ventilation pipes

Welded ventilation pipes and fittings for Industrial ventilation units and down pipes for conveying systems. Material made of steel or stainless steel.

Ventilation ducts and fittings with protective gas welded St 12.03, RAL 7032nd V2A and V4A stained. Other versions on request. Ventilation ducts to DIN 24 190

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